Thursday, 12 April 2012


We got back from Brittany yesterday via Roscoff and are now at my Dad's in Cornwall for a couple of days. Today we went down the local pub for lunch and I took some photos of the bridge across the Tamar that originally inspired my interest in the Civil War in Cornwall.

Although of very little significance in the Lostwithiel campaign, there was a minor skirmish between the Parliamentarians and Royalists at Horsebridge in July 1644. On 26 July, the Earl of Essex crossed the River Tamar at Horsebridge with 10,000 men and advanced into Cornwall, arriving at Bodmin two days later:

'... his Majesty came to Exeter, and Prince Maurice being join'd, had a general Muster of his Forces, and so advanced after Essex into Cornwall. On the 29th, Essex being at Bodmin, sent out a Party of my Lord Roberts's Brigade, who had a Skirmish with Sir Richard Greenvile's Army at Horsebridge and took some Prisoners'

From: 'Historical Collections: The Earl of Essex's march into the west, June 1644' (1721)
The bridge itself is a quite impressive and would make a splendid centerpiece for a 28mm semi-skirmish game. I already have a massive stockpile of figures for a potential 28mm Cornish 1644 solo campaign, which might be kick started as yet another option for the big 2012 project over the Summer holidays.
The new Pike and Shotte rules look interesting too, so who knows?

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