Monday, 16 April 2012

Normandy Firefight Figures

I got home early this afternoon after picking up the kids from school, so had a quick rummage in the loft for suitable 1/35th scale figures for Normandy Firefight. I knew I had a box of 1/35th scale kits stashed up there somewhere but only managed to locate a couple of packs of very old Tamiya German infantry, the Assault Troops set and the Panzergrenadiers set.

There's quite a bit more up there but it's stashed down the back of a pile of junk and will require a major exercise in cardboard box removal to locate. Anyway, these two sets of figures look like an excellent place to start, so I'm sure the rest can wait until I feel brave enough to dig my way into the far corners of the loft space.


  1. Standing, crouching and prone - they're all there! What a great find.

  2. I remember playing a very early version of this with Warwick about ten years ago.
    Those Tamiya sets were exactly what he was using.

  3. I thought I recognised some of the figures in the rules booklet.

    I think they're perfect for some kit bashing into two or three useful figures, given a bit of imagination.