Monday, 23 April 2012

Normandy Firefight British

I worked right through the weekend and ended up with a massive migraine headache as a result, which thankfully has now receded to the point at which I feel vaguely human. Anyway, I thought I deserved a cheer up, so have given into the inevitable and ordered a couple of packs of 1/35 scale Dragon Late War British 'Normandy' infantry figures.

They were a bit pricey but will give me enough figures for half a section at least, along with whatever I can salvage from the box in the loft. They're destined to be 43rd Wessex Division troops and will, no doubt, have 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Regiment shoulder flashes, assuming I can find the decals or paint them on with a very, very small brush.


  1. Not sure if they are small enough but IIRC Dom's Decals do 15mm decals for the 43rd (painted my 1/48th Brits as them!)

  2. Yes, I've got some of those..I reckon they'd be just about OK if I trimmed them down around the edges?