Saturday, 28 April 2012

Richtofen's Flying Circus

I was looking for some updates and extra rules for Warhammer Gladiator this morning and bumped into this new set of WW1 aerial rules. They look interesting, especially as they are designed for hex less movement and 1/72nd scale models, using what look like telescopic flight stands.

As I have a good selection of aircraft models in 1/72nd scale and hex based flight stands like the ones illustrated in the sample pages, I may well get a copy of the rules, if I can find them for less than £18 on Amazon or Ebay. The sample pages look really good and there may well be some good stuff in the book that I could use either with the rules or with the club set Knights of the Sky.


  1. If you are prepared to wait long enough Jim then WH usually do a half price sale of their rules at the end of october. I scored last year and got their Kampfgruppe Normandy, Waterloo, Trafalgar, Great War and it's supplement all at half price.