Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Quick and the Dead

I'd read some mixed reviews about these coastal forces rules but, as they were reduced over at Wargames Vault, I thought I'd take the plunge and order a set. I thought the card based turn-less approach looked interesting, along with the emphasis on fast play and 'off the cuff' decision making, which seems to me to be pretty much what it's all about. I think they're in the same vein as the TFL Coastal Patrol rules, which can't be a bad thing in my book.

The rules themselves are well presented and clearly explained, although with a bit of a homegrown production value about them, which I actually quite like. There are some good scenarios included although they're all from the Med so a bit limited in scope. However, I think the rules themselves might be rather good for a bit of fast and furious coastal warfare.

It's one of my supposed projects for this year as well!


  1. So which would you recommend of the two rule sets?

    One of the important things (I think) about coastal warfare is a modest campaign system to allow your crews to skill up. Do either of these have scope that included?

    thanks and Happy Easter

  2. PS Mind you a small campgaign system isn't too hard to introduce either

  3. Good question.

    I haven't played either rules but reckon they both have the potential to be campaign based. I think the TFL rules would be better suited to this approach though.