Thursday, 19 April 2012

Cut Price Cuththroats

I spotted two packs of Brigade Games pirates for sale over at Northstar yesterday for £2.50 each, so thought I'd press gang them as a cut price addition to the leadpile. The first pack has a crew armed with a selection of boarding weapons while the second has open handed crew figures which are great for a whole range of jobs.

After a chat the other day, it seems that there may be a renewed interest at the club in pirate games, so I may set one up sometime soon. I have enough figures for a decent size skirmish or even for a multiplayer game, so a game would be easy to run. I really need to scratchbuild another ship though, if I'm going to have any boarding actions.

As I haven't scratchbuilt anything for quite a while, apart from a rather pathetic wooden bridge, I have the urge to do something new. This might be a gladiatorial arena for my Warhammer Gladiator project but it could be a ship for the pirates, probably a bit bigger than the sloop that I scratchbuilt last year. I need to find some pictures for inspiration first but a brig or a schooner would be a pretty cool!


  1. Have you seen the scratchbuilt pirate ship here

  2. They look great and hard to resist at that price! Paul's ship is a wonderful creation.