Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A World Aflame?

I'm trying to find out more about this new but as yet unreleased set of interwar 28mm rules but with no luck. If they're designed for 1:1 skirmish games with a handful of figures a side, I might be able to re-animate my VBCW armies for a few games up at the club, especially as I only have a little bit of painting to do to complete my Red Workers and have already got a decent half platoon sized force for the BUF.

The rules aren't out for quite a while yet so I'm hoping more information will be forthcoming over the next couple of months or so. I noticed that Empress Miniatures are doing a pre-order deal that includes a pack from their SCW or VBCW ranges, so I might be tempted to crack ahead and get a copy in the bag anyway. If they're not skirmish level I can still use them for the Back of Beyond, so it wouldn't be a waste of time.


  1. I was certainly under the impression that they were suitable for a VBCW. A little more information here:


  2. I believe they are an updated and re-vitalised version of these rules, written by PDE of Empress miniatures.