Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bag The Hun 2 North Africa Game

I've found a free Tuesday in November to do a follow up to the BTH2 Battle of Britain game that I ran at the club last week. It won't be until the 27th next month, however, which gives me plenty of time to finish off the RAF and Luftwaffe aircraft on the workbench, alhtough the latter aren't really needed for the scenario. I'm nearly there with the Hurricanes as it is, so it should be easy to get them sorted for the game.

This will be based around one I played back in 2009 against my erstwhile opponent Andy, with an Italian reconnaissance Fiat BR20 being escorted (badly) across the table by a couple of flights of Macchi Mc202's. In the original game the RAF flew Kittyhawks but this time round they'll get the Hurricanes, which might even things out a bit for the Italians, who in turn will get a nice SM81 to chuck about the sky instead of the BR20.

I might even deploy the Luftwaffe Bf109F's that I have as 'emergency' back up but that depends on the numbers who sign up and the way the game turns out on the night for the Italians. I'll crack on with the written bit in the meantime, writing up briefings for the two sides and sorting out some turn cards, to replace the less than fantastic ones I produced for the original game.

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