Friday, 12 October 2012

Bag the Hun Channel Dash Cards

I've now decided that the Battle of Britain Channel Dash scenario is a definite for Tuesday's game, although I'm still going to push on with the RAF planes for Tobruk over the weekend. The Hurricanes, in particular are virtually done, so I should be able to sign them off given a couple of hours to spare. I need to paint the bases and add the decals, so it shouldn't be too difficult despite the shed re-felting, Laser Quest (TM) birthday party and rugby training for the sprog.

Anyway, I've been provided with a full set of top notch turn cards by Mr Duncan Hamilton Esq, who spotted the post I made a couple of days ago and offered to let me use his full colour spangly version of what would otherwise be my feeble card deck. He's even customised the cards with the appropriate pictures and names for the aircraft and aces in the scenario.

Needleess to say, I am extremely grateful and will be posting some photos of the game that will feature Dunc's cards centre stage. I've also sent him the scenario sheets and briefings, which is a small return for his time and effort. I'm going to laminate the cards in A6 plastic to make them look the business, so I'm sure they'll impress the natives and make the game run like a greased whippet in lycra hot pants.

Thanks DH! 

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