Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lost Patrols in the Sudan

The 28mm Triumph and Tragedy game on Tuesday has re-ignited my interest in the Sudan and, in particular, my long lost Patrols in the Sudan project from three or so years ago. I picked up the latest flashy edition of the rules at Colours last month and have been flicking through it to see what changes have been made to the system, set up and scenarios. I already have an 80% finished Dervish army which I could finish off as part of my virtuous attempt not to start anything new this year.

As my VBCW A World Aflame project has fallen through for various reasons, it would be an ideal time to pick up the PITS project and finish it off. I have plenty of figures for the British and Egyptians, together with some Hademdowah 'Fuzzy Wuzzies', so there's no shortage of lead in the pile. As the British units are relatively small, I reckon it would be quite straightforward to put together a force to oppose the Dervish hordes that I already have in the nearly ready to go box.

I'll give it some more thoguht over the weekend but it could easily turn into my next big project. I already have some terrain sorted and have played a few games with the original edition of the rules, so it shouldn't be difficult to pick up where I left off. I'll have to shift the Bag the Hun aircraft first but I have some time set aside over the weekend which should move things on a bit so that I meet the all important deadline for the game on the 16th.

...I have a Plan B ready just in case!


  1. These sounds rather tempting, especially as I'm about to start throwing some paint at the bits and pieces I've got for the Sudan - like you anything to stop spending money on new lead! How should the miniatures be based for this set of rules?

  2. Yes! Do the Sudan! It's one of the few periods where I actually manage to have some games!

  3. Michael,

    Infantry 30mmx30mm

    Cavalry and Artillery 30mmx40mm

    Markers and the like on coins or washers.