Monday, 29 October 2012

Normandy Firefight US Anti Tank Team

A trip to Launceston today before the torrential rain arrived and I now have an addition to the 1/35th scale figures for Normandy Firefight, in the form of a couple of bazooka teams for the Yanks. They were a bit of a bargain and will form the basis of at least one tank hunter figure, assuming I can find matching prone or standing figures for each of the pairs. These can be supplied from existing figures in the collection.

I've negelected this project for a few months but have been encouraged to give it another look after Steve Blease jumped onto the Normandy Firefight bandwagon with his 1/32nd scale Airfix multipose inititiative. He's made the sensible decision to go for a theatre with minimal terrain complications, with North Africa, Italy or Burma as his battlegrounds of choice.

...having said that, Italy does have some mileage with the stuff that I've got, so might be worth a thought.

Thanks Steve.

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  1. I'm not paying your credit card bill, ok? :-)