Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bag the Hun Plan B

I'm going to find it difficult to get the North Africa stuff ready for the game on Tuesday next week, due to a pile of work that I have to shift and some weekend things that I can't wriggle out of. In case I don't get them finished in time, I have a cunning Plan B. A few years ago, I wrote a Battle of Britain scenario for Bag the Hun called Channel Dash and ran it as a demo game at the club.

It was a historical scenario set in July 1940, based on an interception of an out going bomber raid by No56 Squadron Hurricanes, which ran into some opposition from Bf109's on JG51 over the channel. Anyway, I have all the aircraft, cards and scenario notes to hand, so it will be my fall back if things go pear shaped in the painting department. I've even play tested it, so it actually works and here are pictures to prove it!


  1. They look great Jim - do you want to use my 1940 themed cards for BTH2? I can email them to you as PDFs, or stick them on fileshare somewhere if you want the original XCFs

  2. Thanks chaps,

    Yes please Dunc.

    My email address is:


    Many thanks