Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bag The Hun North Africa [20]

I spent some time this afternoon adding the fuselage roundels to the Hurricanes, using the I-94 two stage decals. This is a fiddly business at the best of times but I had twelve of the buggers to do, so ended up with decal fatigue by the time I had finished. Rather than tackle the whole lot with fin flashes and codes, I decided to maintain some semblance of sanity by finishing them off one section at a time.

Here, as a result, is the first installment of Red Section No73 squadron sometime around May 1941. 

If I was being picky, they'd be in temperate 'A' pattern green and brown camouflage, with sand and spaghetti all over the leading edges and engine cowling. However, I think they look better in the slightly less accurate mid stone and light earth desert camouflage, with a characteristic absence of squadron codes, both of which make my life a lot easier when it comes to painting and decals.

I'll tackle another section or two tomorrow and, hopefully, paint up the bases as well.

(I'm still not happy with the sloppy canopies so may have a go at cleaning them up if I get the time...)

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  1. They do look nice. Must ignore the ooh shiny temptation here (I have a pile of 1/300th H&R aircraft to do the 1939 Winter War somewhere!)