Saturday, 6 July 2013

Westwind 30% Off Sale

I got an nice email from Westwind yesterday which announced another one of their very generous 30% off sales on the Arthurian, Samurai and Berlin or Bust WW2 ranges. I made the most of last year's sale by assembling a Romano British and a Saxon army for Dux Britanniarum, saving me a shedload of cash and resulting in yet more lead in the pile.

This time, I've kept my expenditure to a minimum by ordering a 3'' AT gun for the Bolt Action project. The Berlin or Bust figures are much smaller than the Artizan ones but I don't think the guns will be noticeably out of scale, so it will add a bit of punch to the platoon espacially as I already have the Artizan gun crew. I may well go back and get some more Arturian figures though!

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