Sunday, 14 July 2013

They Shall Not Pass

I've been feeling pretty rough over the last couple of days so spent much of the time lying down, trying to keep cool and trying not to throw up. I think I've picked up a bug that's been around at school but it seems to have cleared up now, although I may have just come down with the usual end of year bllurrgh. 

Anyway, with nothing much to do and to keep my mind off the inevitable, I finished reading Hill 112 (which was very good) and have now moved on to They Shall Not Pass, as part of my faltering attempt to build a 15mm force for the Spanish Civil War, albeit for an as yet indeterminate set of rules.

I've let this project slip of late, mainly due to work and life, but I'm planning to pick it up again once the Bolt Action stuff is off the workbench. I've got some time free in a week or so, during which I'm going to tackle the Yanks in a production line approach, with the aim of completing them by the time I leave for France.


  1. I think you will enjoy They Shall Not Pass. It is well written and gives an excellent account of the early Jarama Campaign.

    Always enjoy reading your blog. Hope you are feeling better.