Friday, 26 July 2013

Bolt Action Supplements

I'm thinking of a second force for Bolt Action, once I've finished the Americans, so have splashed out on some more of the supplemental army books over the last month. The front runner at the moment is an early war German Fallschirmjager reinforced platoon, using the excellent Crusader Miniatures figures.
I also quite like the idea of a British platoon, either for late war NW Europe or for the Western Desert, the latter using my existing stockpile of Crusader figures that I orginally collected for Rate of Fire a few years ago. The obvious choice for the 8th Army would be to use the Perry plastic box set of figures that I picked up a cheap a few weeks ago. 
However, I need to get those late war US troops sorted before I give in to dangerous mission creep!


  1. Don't do it! Get those pesky US done first...I have a stash of Soviets that need some tlc before I get started on my Italians, Japanese and French... be strong!

  2. The US are on the way...but the Fallschirmjager are very nice figures indeed!