Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bolt Action Yanks [7]

We were out all day at the local street festival, so I didn't have the time to get anything done with the 28mm Yanks yesterday, although I did manage to locate the diecast vehicles that I knew I had in a box somewhere. These are Corgi 1/48th scale pre-painted models which I bought in a Modelzone sale way back when. They scale out quite well with the Artizan figures, perhaps better than the usual 1/56th scale models from the likes of Warlord, in my opinion.

The half tracks will probably just get a wash and a bit of weathering, although I'd quite like to re-paint them using a three stage drybrush over a black undercoat, which is what I'll do with the Sherman M4A3. I have an alternative Hobbyboss model kit of Sherman M4A1 76 (W) which may well replace the diecast tank, as I think it looks the business and is worth a few more points. It'll also give me the opportunity to do some plastic kit building, which is always good fun.


  1. Wow...totally walking for your platoon!

  2. Well, they are can't really expect them to actually walk!