Friday, 12 July 2013

NEWSFLASH - Nbuto warns of tribal insurrection in Njubu Valley (Reuters)

From our correspondent in Mtwange

An official statement from the Nbuto Ministry of the Interior has warned of a potential tribal insurrection in the disputed Njubu Valley, in the border zone between Mbote and Nbuto.

A spokesmen for the Nbuto government has implicated special forces units of the Mbotean army, the MDF, in clandestine training of rebel groups in the tribal areas. A number of captured weapons, including RPG's and AK47 assault rifles were presented to the international press as evidence of MDF support for insurrection amongst the local tribes. The Mbote government has denied these claims and has refused to acknowledge the presence of MDF troops in the border zone.

In a clear warning to the government of Mbote, units of the Force Action Rapide Territoriale have been conducting live fire military exercises in the border zone, including the deployment of elite counter-insurgency special forces. Although these units have yet to cross the border into the disputed de-militarised zone, sources close to the FART have indicated a significant build up of logistics, in preparation for a punitive search and destroy operation in the next few days. other words, it's an AK47 game next week!

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