Monday, 1 July 2013

15mm SCW Flags

I've been pondering the inevitable basing conundrum again today and, after much aforethought, have arrived at what I think will be a good compromise between BAIT and IABSM. I've ordered the requisite laser cut mdf bases from the ever superlative ERM, so will be able to start the actual basing up once they arrive.

In the meantime, I've located this excellent source of 15mm flags for the various factions in the Spanish Civil War, which will make my company command bases stand out: . They're free as a download and come in 20mm and 15mm, based on some thorough research by a collective of Spanish FoW gamers. Outstanding!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I had this site book marked a while ago but lost the bookmark.

  2. Thanks for your nice jobs, Jim.

    I think that the correct motto in the Repulican flag is "EJERCITO POPULAR DE LA REPUBLICA", not "REGULAR".

    I'm working now also in SCW Peterpig minis. As soon as possible I'll make a new blog. But the moment it will be about SCW, but I hope post some 20th Century wars in the future.

    Good job and go away!

    The Road Runner.