Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Chain of Command

I've nearly finished the long slog of painting the kitchen, with only the woodwork to tackle tomorrow before it's done and dusted. To celebrate, I've pre-ordered a copy of Chain of Command, the new WW2 platoon level rules from the Toofatlardies.
I've read several articles on these rules over the last few weeks and they sound really interesting, even if they don't feature the usual TFL card based turn system. I particularly like the historical emphasis on tactics and unit composition, one thing that the Bolt Action rules seems to gloss over, to a greater or lesser extent.
It makes a lot of sense to squeeze as much potential out of the 28mm figures I'm painting up, so these rules will be an another option for WW2 skirmish games in the not too distant future. I'm really looking forward to reading the rulebook for myself when it pops into my inbox in a couple of weeks time.


  1. Very excited with this set of rules!
    I have already pre-ordered

  2. Jim

    I understand that you know my chum Paul (Winchester Club). I was one of the playtest crew for this. If you fancy a game at any point, just shout.


  3. Hi Max,

    Yep, that would be great!

    I'll get in touch after the holidays.