Monday, 31 October 2016

Back of Beyond Eve of Battle

It's the first battle for the Bolsheviks in the club Back of Beyond campaign tomorrow and they're up against the British Museum Archaeological Expedition under counter-revolutionary imperialist stooge Cholmondely Warner, which is a small but pretty formidable force. I've assembled what I think will be an effective opposing force based around a core of fairly bog standard Red infantry, backed up by some hard core Cheka, a couple of morale boosting commissars and as much materiel as I can lay my hands on to make up 800 points.

This includes my nice new Schneider CA1 tank, which will probably blow up in the first five minutes, a heavy machine gun and a field gun, together with a Nieuport fighter plane for ground strafing attacks. I've even brought a sniper just in case. I was planning to use some off table artillery but I can't as I'm not the attacker. Instead, I have a Special Character, Soviet Agitprop Agent V.I. Proletarski, who will hopefully win over some of Andy's less stiff upper lipped troops to the revolutionary cause at the start of the game?

Whatever happens, it should be a lot of fun!

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  1. Good luck Andy! Make the bolshie scum pay for their unbridled villainy!