Saturday, 8 October 2016

Slogging Along

The plan for today was to crack on with the bits and bobs for the Back of Beyond but instead I spent another four hours in casualty with the lad, who had a suspected broken nose from a game of school rugby. In the end, this turned out to be a false alarm but better safe than sorry. I have made a start on the extra figures, the field gun and the tank but will have to pick it up again tomorrow. I'm hoping to get at least the tank and the field gun finished by end of the weekend.

I also decided to invest in a Warbases laser cut Mark I tank kit as my weekend pocket money purchase, even though it is not quite the right version for my Bolsheviks to deploy. The Reds did have several captured Mark V's, together with Whippets and Medium B's, but I think I can probably get away with this earlier model. I may try to modify the sponsons and top deck to make it look a bit more like a Mark V but I'll definitely replace the square section 6 pounder guns.

I've also dispatched all the paperwork for the club Back of Beyond campaign to the players, so will probably get emailed with questions at some point that will need answering. I have made a few changes to some of the army lists to balance things out and to give the expeditions a fighting chance, so we'll have to see how they go down. I think they make sense but you never know with this sort of thing and I may have to step in to sort it out! 

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  1. Good to hear that the lad in alright. I like the look of that Warbases tank, might be tempted by one of those myself at some point.