Saturday, 29 October 2016 out!

I have lined up the first game in the Back of Beyond campaign for Tuesday next week, so had to finish off the handful of Cheka figures that I need to round off my unit to a solid twelve including a Lewis gunner and a standard bearer. I also found an unfinished HMG team, so have repainted it in Cheka uniform to use alongside the infantry, although I've had to work out the points value for this as it's not strictly in the army list. I now just have to paint the bases of the two extra infantry figures and add a flag for them to be ready for action.


  1. Looking very sharp!
    REady to bring hell to imperialists and defeatists.

    I'd be tempted to give them a quick brown wash to dirty them up a little bit.

  2. Thanks

    I have toned down the bases with a brown wash now, and it looks much better!

  3. Well done with these evil Chekists - always fun in any RCW game!

  4. "not strictly in the army list" - neither is a 2nd sniper for my Whites & I'm not allowed that!

    I guess he that runs the game/campaign gets to make the rules ... :)