Sunday, 2 October 2016

Target Locked On!

I have now got  hold of a copy of Target Locked On!, the new modern air warfare rules from Rory Crabb and I think they look really rather good. The rules are really well organised and neatly laid out, with plenty of diagrams and walkthroughs to make it as straightforward as possible to work out what to do. There's a simple but effective initiative system, a straightforward non-hex based movement mechanic and a range of the usual options for turns, split S's, Immelmans, barrel rolls and so on.

The combat rules are clear and seem less complicated than some others that I've seen, which is a difficult thing to do given the complexity of modern weapons systems. There's also a range of stats for modern aircraft including US, Russian, UK and French planes, although these are definitely more contemporary than Cold War. To finish off there's a set of generic scenarios and some well-designed player aids including a record sheet, templates and counters.

This looks like a really interesting alternative to rules like Airwar:C21, being of a similar level of complexity and style. I'll have to give them a go! The rules are currently available from Wargame Vault at a discounted price of just under seven quid, which isn't bad at all and good value for  what you get, especially as there will be additional extras available via the authors site later on for free including more aircraft stats and so on.


  1. Just got them recently, too. Hope to run a trail solo game soon.

  2. Sounds like they'll be good for your baltic nations project, but not suitable for Turkmenistania?

  3. It sounds from this blog that he was working on his game. Maybe he will add more aircraft. One of his AARs involved a MIG-19s, so he must have some stats that he has yet to publish.

  4. Yep, I think there's some earlier aircraft in the pipeline, judging from what he's suggested. I really like the way he supports his rules...wish others would follow the example more.