Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Campaign Briefing Number Five

The Bolsheviks

Your force is the Third Peasants and Workers Shock Brigade under the fraternal leadership of People's Commissar Nasti Tchestikov and Military Specialist, Comrade Colonel Igor Tubugerov. You have been dispatched on a vital mission to Urga. Your task is to disseminate Soviet propaganda amongst the downtrodden populace and to undermine the attempts by counter-revolutionary imperialist forces to destabilise Soviet influence in the region.

As part of your mission you have been instructed to make contact with a Soviet agent in Outer Mongolia, Vladimir Ilyich Proletarski, who has been dispatched to Urga by Lenin himself to make contact with underground Bolshevik cells in the city. It is vital that you pass on a top secret document to Proletarski, containing the names of revisionist double agents that have infiltrated the Soviet spy network in Urga.

You have been instructed to seek out and destroy any imperialist forces of bourgeois counter revolution that may attempt to stop you in your vital mission. These forces are rumoured to be infiltrating the region via the supposedly untraversible wastes of the Gobi Desert. If you make contact with any of these decadent capitalist elements, you will shoot first and ask any questions later.

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