Thursday, 20 October 2016

SupeRetro Classic Train Set

I've been posting some progress reports on the armoured train build over on the Lead Adventure Forum. I was asked about the source of the toy train bogies that I'm using for the wagons built out of Lego bricks. These are from a couple of cheap toy train sets which I found in the Robert Dyas Xmas sale a few years ago. I have also used the track from the two train sets which scales out to about 28mm.

Anyway, I've tracked down a toy train set with the same locomotive, tender and tracks but with passenger carriages instead of tanker wagons, so ideal for the Back of Beyond, 1920's gangsters, WW2 or whatever. The locomotive could easily be repainted and with very little effort would look pretty good. I'm not sure about the passenger carriages but there are supposed to be five of them in the set, although there's only one in the picture?

Here's the eBay link if you are interested:


  1. Thanks for the tip Jim and if I had any realistic chance of actually doing something with it, rather than just adding it to the ever growing pile of things to do, I'd buy one!

  2. I think the "five assorted carriages" means you get one of five possible variations, rather than five altogether.

  3. Yes, that would seem to be a probable explanation.