Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Big List

Right, time to get the list of 'things I'm definately going to do' out in the open before the end of the year arrives. I'm going to give myself a half term to complete each of these projects, with any spare time left over used for quick 'one off' mini-projects.

So, in scale order, here are the projects for 2010 (with a Plan B just in case):

1.600 Coastal Warfare

I will paint up opposing British and German / Italian units for both Action Stations! and Schnellboot, using a selection of the Skytrex, PT Dockyard, Airfix and Testors models that I have accumilated.

Plan B: I will paint up the 1.2400 Tumbling Dice French and British Victorian ironclad fleets that I have for Iron and Fire OR the 1.700 PT Dockyard, Pitroad and Skytrex FAC's I have for Bulldogs Away!

1.600 Korean War Air Warfare

I will complete both United Nations and N.Korean / Chinese forces using my collection of Tumbling Dice aircraft, for Wings at War:Mig Alley, depending on whether I can crack the basing / flight stand problem.

Plan B = I'll use Bag the Mig with hex stands and magnets!

1.285th Luft 46

I will complete compact Allied and Axis forces for Luft 46 air warfare in 1.285th, using my supply of excellent Raiden Miniatures aircraft, based for Bag the Hun and/or the Luftwaffe 1946 rules.

Plan B = I will finish off my North Africa aircraft with Luftwaffe and RAF forces OR complete a selection of mid to late war RAF / USAAF / Luftwaffe aircraft.

10mm/12mm ARVN for CWC

Moving up in scale, I will endeavour to assemble, paint and base up my ARVN armoured regiment in 12mm using Minifigs AFV's and figures.

Plan B: I will do something around 1000 points for BKC.

15mm AK47 Dictatorship

I will complete a Dictatorship army for AK47 (2nd edition) using the vast collection of figures and soviet vehicles that I have stashed away in various boxes. I will include militia, regular and professional units plus helicopters and even a boat or two.

Plan B: I will finish off the extras I have nearly completed for the Colonial Settlers army of the Independant Republic of Nbuto...Vive Nbuto!

28mm Heart of Africa

I will complete a German Colonial Expedition for In the Heart of Africa, including a Leader and Attendants, a White Man and gunbearer, a Scout, Marines, Askaris, Agile Spearmen allies, a Field Gun and Bearers. I will also scratchbuild a Gunboat and some improvised barricades.

Plan B: I will finish off the Japanese army I have started for the Back of Beyond or paint up a selection of EM4/Copplestone Future (French Foreign Legion) War troopers.

So, there it is.

Of course, there's a vast number of other projects waiting to be started and/or completed this year in all of these scales and more, but these are the ones I will endeavour to actually tackle! I will have to do the Raiden Ju88's for the club participation game so this will disrupt my schedule over the next two months or so. However, after that it's plain sailing (?).

Here we go!

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  1. That is all fine and good. But what will you play man? What campaigns or actions will you game? What empires will rise or fall! The list you just gave sounds like you own a workshop or something, not like you are a wargamer!


    Have fun!