Thursday, 23 September 2010

Kamikaze 1946

It's been a while since I thought about aerial gaming in 1.285th scale but these new WW2 rules in the MSD Luftwaffe 1946 series caught my attention when I saw them on the Raiden site. I have some of the other rules and supplements in the series and have been meaning to try them out for a long time, although Bag the Hun 2 is my ruleset of choice for this sort of thing. 

At the moment, there is a lack of interest at the club, despite my previous efforts to run some attractive demo games as a hook. I set up some games of the original Bag the Hun last year but these failed to win anyone over beyond my long suffering opponent Andy. Perhaps I need to try again, either with BTH2, which I'd love to get up and running, or with something completely different like these Kamikaze 1946 rules.

If I can persuade Andy, or whoever, to have another go with BTH2  it might get me out of an aerial gaming dead end and back up and running. I haven't used the Italian and German planes for North Africa that I painted ages ago yet, so that might be a good place to start?

If not, I've always got the 1.600th scale projects to fall back on!

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