Thursday, 30 September 2010

Noggies NbFz Pzkpfw VI Neubaufahrzeuge (eh?)

I was following a post on TMP yesterday about the availability of  the NbFz Pzkpfw VI Neubaufahrzeuge tanks in 10mm or 1/144th scale. Apparently, the chap who was enquiring about manufacturers of this monster, has been planning a 1940 Norwegian game in 10mm not unlike the set up I was thinking about at the start of the year.

Anyway, it turns out that you can actually get one in 1/144th scale as a plastic pre-paint, so I duly did a bit of searching and found one on ebay. It's a bit pricey (!) but I only need one and no one else is likely to bring one out, so I decided to get one while they're still available (these collectible pre-paints have a habit of disappearing off the shelves for some inexplicable reason).

All I need now are the rest of the infantry, tanks, artillery and transport for the Germans but I'm sure Pendraken and Pithead will be able to meet my requirements. There are still no early war Germans in greatcoats available but perhaps the Pendraken winter equipment figures or even late WW1 greatcoat figures would do?

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