Friday, 17 September 2010

Pirate Crew [7]

Well, I finished off the painting of the pirate crew tonight, although they still need to be spray varnished to be completely done. I'm not too sure about the hair on one of the figures and may re-paint it tomorrow before the varnishing but otherwise, they're OK.

I had a crack at the eyes with mixed results, as I'm not very good at fiddly brushwork, being more of a slap it on and hope for the best style painter. I guess I need a bit more practice and some better brushes.

I'll get the bases textured tomorrow during the day, paint them and add some static grass by the close of play. The three figures in undercoat may well get a few initial coats of paint too, if I have the time.


  1. Looking great - I've really enjoyed following this project as it develops - some great figures, and an excellent job as usual from yourself - I think the pirate's eyes should always be a bit exaggerated, what with all that squinting through telescopes, not to mention the amount of rum they no doubt put away!

  2. Looking good Jim.
    What colour bases are you going for? I usually do a mid brown but that didn't seem very pirate like so in the end I went with a desert Island sand colour. It was either that or balsa wood planks for a ships deck.

  3. Cheers chaps,

    I'm going to go for Foundry Base Sand or Boneyard, perhaps with a bit of a wash, then add some static grass and tufts.