Friday, 24 September 2010

Plans for October

A bit of good news today, as I've now got the extra bits from Pendraken for the BKC2 Italian battlegroup.

I'm now in  a position to start planning out my painting schedule for next month based on the models I actually have, rather than what exists on paper. They're very nice too, especially the Dovunque command truck, which has to be the most bizarre thing to use in a featureless desert, being about the size and shape of a double decker bus.

I've also contacted Phil at Pithead to get some artillery and other extras which aren't available from Pendraken, including some staff cars and light tanks. I'm hoping to kick off the Italians in the first week of October, once the pirates are finished off and the High Seas try out game has been played through.

I've also contacted Andy to see if he's interested in a Bag the Hun 2 game sometime in October and he's keen to have a go, so we'll try to get something set up for the end of October or early November. We're both pretty busy up until then so it'll be a case of finding a suitable slot when we can both be at the club.

I may even try to get a few more Italian or German planes painted up for the game, a few of which I have already cleaned, based and undercoated. So, lots of things to look forward to next month, even if the stuff I still need to finish off gets sidelined for a bit longer.

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