Monday, 27 September 2010

Pirate Crew [13]

I didn't manage to get any painting done over the weekend for various reasons, so thought I'd try to blitz two of the remaining pirate figures and a treasure chest this evening. I finished the treasure chest in no time, as it just needed some texturing on the base and a three stage coat of Foundry Base Sand to be ready.

The pirates took a little longer despite cutting some corners. They're not quite as well finished as the others, due to my being in a bit of a rush, but they're OK. If I can I'll paint the bases and add some static grass in time for the game tomorrow night but I doubt I'll get round to it.

As it stands, I have more than enough pirates anyway as I'm only be allowed to have a five figure crew, this being the first (and possibly last?!) game using Legends of the High Seas. I'll take some pictures of the game and write an after action report tomorrow.

The remaining two pirates may get finished off but, to be honest, I'd like to get started on the BKC2 Italians. As a result, the last two crew will probably be consigned to the indterminable painting waiting list for a while longer. If the game is a cracker, I may change my mind, who knows...

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