Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Pirate Extras

No painting this evening as I'm a bit whacked but I have managed to clean up, base and undercoat a trio of scurvy swabs for the pirate crew.

I thought I needed a bit of hardcore firepower so have picked out two figures from the Foundry lucky dip, one with a blunderbuss (big bang, lots of smoke, nasty recoil, not a lot of harm done) and one with a volley gun (several smaller bangs, slightly less smoke, bit nasty but a bugger to reload).

I also thought a bit of brute force and ignorance might come in handy, so the recruitment of an axe wielding nutter seemed like a good idea.

I may add one more figure, but have yet to decide between a pirate captain figure with multliple pistols and bad facial hair, or a swivel gun toting geezer with a floppy hat.

Arrgh matey.

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