Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Sweet 1/144th Macchi Mc200AS kit

I bought one of these kits via ebay the other day to use as air support for the 10mm Italian battlegroup that I'm planning to paint up in October. It's a lovely little kit and pretty good value for money, as it includes two very nicely detailed aircraft, some superb decal sheets and very useful three view plans.

The decals are particularly impressive, including several different options and full camouflage mottle patterns for the fuselage and wings. This should save me a lot of time and effort when I get round to putting them together. 

I've also received the extras that I ordered from Pithead for the Italians, including some artillery and tows, staff cars, a selection of trucks for command bases and some light tanks. They are very well sculpted and I was very impressed by the way that Phil, the chap behind Pithead, deals with his customers.

I'll definately be ordering some more bits and bobs for my Italians, not to mention the Noggies when he releases his artillery later this year, together with some of the Ford  trucks he has already added to the Pithead range.

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