Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I got in late this evening due to a very long and tedious meeting to find one of those padded envelopes sitting on the doormat. It was full of 28mm Foundry Gladiators that I found on ebay a week or so ago to add to my existing handful of Crusader figures, with which they match really well. 

I was inspired by my trip to Silchester a couple of weekends ago to pick some more figures up and, for the very reasonable price of just over a fiver, I now have a dozen new recruits for the arena. I had to retire a couple to start with as they were the fantasy style dwarf versions, while another female one is destined to be a figurehead for the next pirate ship I scratchbuild.

This left me with nine very cool figures, minus shields which I'll need to pinch from the spares box, but otherwise ready to be painted up and based for gladiatorial combat. There are two duplicate figures but I think I can convert them, so that they look different enough to be used together, using a combination of head, shield and weapon swaps

I may even take them to Cornwall next week alongside the extra pirates as a little mini-project, leaving the Valiant Tommies for my return.

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