Friday, 15 October 2010

Pirate Game

My boys asked me if they could play a pirate game, having seen the figures that I painted up for Legends of the High Seas and the scratchbuilt pirate ship that I finished a few days ago. As a result, I set up the X Marks the Spot scenario yesterday afternoon after school.

The two pirate crews consisted of a Captain and two Cutthroats each. Alex chose Captain Blacksword (pistol / sword) as his hero, with Spotty Jim (pistol / sword) and Stinky Pete (blunderbuss) as back up. Thomas chose Captain Crossbones (pistol / sword), together with Black Bill (pistol / sword) and Dangerous Dan (musket). I thought the nams they came up with were pretty cool!

The game opened with Thomas's crew splitting up to search for the treasure while Alex's lot stuck together for mutual support. In the end Thomas located the treasure, thanks to a bit of dodgy umpiring, whilst killing off Stinky Pete with a well aimed musket shot from the bushes.

There followed a desperate race for the table edge, leading to a fire fight in which Desperate Dan got his comeuppance, in a fusilade of pistol shots fired at close range by Spotty Jim and Blacksword. It was too late to save the treasure, though, as Crossbones and Black Bill hefted it off the table to their waiting pirate ship.

It was a fun game with only a few moments of upset on the part of Thomas, who isn't yet used to the concept of losing or having his figures killed off. I'm sure he'll get there after a few more games, especially if he continues his winning streak.

Aaaargh Matey.

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