Saturday, 16 October 2010

What's on the Workbench?

I thought I'd do a bit of background reading until the Pendraken Norse turn up, so had a root around in the loft and found a copy of Paddy Griffith's The Viking Art of War, which I picked up in a second hand book shop a few years ago.

In the meantime the workbench is in a bit if a hiatus, with several projects on the shelf ready to either start or finish off. I need to get the VBCW Reds finished, as I have a game on the 9th November, but they shouldn't take too long. I also need to paint up some gun crew for the pirate ship as I may well get to use it for a game in the second half of the month, either on the 16th or 23rd depending when it gets finalised.

I've decided not to do the extra planes for the Bag The Hun game as I don't have the time and, as Andy so succinctly put it, I already have an 'air fleet' or stuff ready to use. Instead, the Valiant 20mm Tommies really need to get started, so I may take them on holiday with me to Cornwall over half term, if only to get them based and undercoated.

And...finally, I still have plans to get on with the BKC2 Italian battlegroup, although thus far I've only managed to clean up and base the armour. If I get the Valiants sorted in November, I'm hoping the crack on with the Italians as soon as I can, with a deadline of the end of the year as a target.

Too much to do and not enough time!

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