Sunday, 3 October 2010

Pirate Sloop [2]

I got some serious time in on the pirate ship today much to my surprise, as weekends are usually completely mental. The boys both had birthday partys to go to, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so we had a relatively child free day. This meant I had almost a whole afternoon to crack on with the cladding on the sloop and the detailing of the hull.

The end result isn't half bad if I say so myself, although I still have a way to go to complete the thing so that it can actually be used in a game. I need to add a grating and the rest of the rigging bits, the mast detaches by the way, as well as some general fiddling around with extra fittings and fixtures. It also needs a sea base of some sort.

I had a bit of a *&^% up with the gun ports as I ended up making them too low for the 28mm Crusader Miniatures cannons that I was supposed to be using. However, I found a pack of Peter Pig Pieces of Eight 15mm medium cannons that will make pretty good light guns instead, unless I choose to cut down the 28mm ones to fit.

I'll see if I can finish off the remaining things to do tomorrow then slap on some paint and hope for the best.

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