Monday, 11 October 2010

Pirate Sloop [6]

I'm getting toward the end of the Pirate sloop project and only have the cannons and a few extra details to do before it's wrapped up. Not too bad for a little over a week, if I say so myself.

This evening I had a go at painting the sea base that I knocked up yesterday, using an arty farty slap it all over approach. I used a basecoat of GW Enchanted Blue then splodged on a topcoat of GW Hawk Turquoise, followed by random spreads of GW Ice Blue and GW Shadow Grey.

I then varnished the base with brushed GW Gloss 'Ardcoat (who comes up with these moronic names) but didn't like the resulting soupy effect, so sprayed the whole thing with GW Satin varnish. It's now drying off in a corner, awaiting a final verdict tomorrow morning, once it's dry. If I keep it, I'll add a few highlights and may even try out some GW snow effect flock as a bit of an ersatz bow wave.

I've also cleaned up and undercoated the Peter Pig cannon barrels and carriages, so they'll get painted up tomorrow. After that I'll add a flag and some other knicknacks before clearing the decks. I'll need some crew for the guns but they can wait a little longer, as I have other things to crack on with in the meantime.

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