Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pirate Gun Crew [2]

I finally got around to cleaning up and basing the gun crew and extra pirate figures this afternoon, in between running around all over the place on various family related missions. As you can see, I based up the gun crew on 1p coins with stripwood planking so that they fit onto the limited deck space of the sloop. I won't be using them ashore so this made sense and looks quite good I think. 

I also added a fourth crewman, using a Foundry figure with his rammer cut down (ooh er) to match the one carried by the Crusader figure. This makes it possible for a full two gun broadside to be fired, assuming two crewman per light cannon as a basic mimimum. I need to undercoat this lot but otherwise they're ready to go.

I'll pack up some paints, brushes and so on tonight and hopefully find the time over the next few days to get some painting done. I have the other two pirate figures that I've already started to add to the new ones, so there's nine figures in total, which shouldn't be too much to handle? 

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