Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pirate Sloop [4]

Here's the ship after it's hull and deck have been painted. I spray varnished the whole thing first to seal the card and balsa, then undercoated in black using GW spray. Next I wetbrushed Foundry Bay Brown Shade and drybrushed Bay Brown over the hull and masts. This was followed with the usual Future based black / brown wash.

Next, I washed the deck to soak out all the planking and hide any chinks of balsa that were showing through. I then drybrushed three layers of Foundry Buff Leather with a final light dusting of Foundry Boneyard Light to finish it off. It's not quite right but it'll do.

Next I'll paint the masts to add a little colour, probably using Foundry Base Sand or similar, although I'm not sure exactly what. I thought about painting some strakes along the upper hull to make it look less monotone but I'm not sure this would work and might make it look a bit out of character for a glorified fishing boat!

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  1. That is very impressive. I am also deeply impressedby the tidiness of your work area.