Wednesday, 5 January 2011

January Sales!

I'm trying to think of reasons why I don't need any more lead but I'm sorely tempted by the January sales that a number of manufacturers are running at the moment, especially as VAT has gone up by 2.5% making everything more expensive.

I usually take advantage of the Museum Miniatures 25% off discout that runs every year in January, as it's a really good deal. This year, however, I don't need any more Leading Edge least that's what I'm telling myself.

The QRF 10% off sale is also tempting, as my 15mm AK47 spares could easily be turned into another army with some transport and vehicles. However, I already have a lot of stuff stockpiled and an entire dictatorship army cleaned up, based and ready to paint, so I should really resist.

Finally, I've been thinking of good reasons not to get into 1.300th scale Sci Fi / Near Future gaming using the vehicles from Brigade Models, as they also had a sale on recently. I have a couple of sets of rules for this, including Dirtside and Future War Commander, but can't really justify a whole new project like this from scratch.

Luckily the sale ended at the weekend, so I don't have to resist the temptation any longer!

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