Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The South West in the Civil War

I've been doing some background reading into the 1643 and 1644 campaigns in the South West, with a particular focus on events in east Cornwall and West Devon. As I can't get hold of a copy of Richard Holmes book on Civil War Battles in Cornwall, unless I pull a few strings with my sister who works as an archivist at the Devon Record Office in Exeter, I have fallen back on this little book from Pen and Sword.

As expected, it's packed with loads of really useful information and is very well written, despite the occasional typo. There are plenty of photographs and detailed descriptions of the various skirmishes and battles, based both on contemporary sources and first hand fieldwalking of the various sites. I'm hoping to go down to Cornwall in a few weeks time so that I can drag the family around some of the significant battlefield sites including Braddock Down and Lostwithiel.

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