Monday, 17 January 2011

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [14]

I got stuck in this evening, despite feeling less than fantastic, and managed to finish off the eight figures of 'A' Company 5th DCLI. Although this doesn't look like much of an achievement, I was working it out as I went along so it took longer than usual. I reckon about 15 minutes per figure, so less than warp speed but still not too bad. I'm sure I can pick it up and get the time down to 10 minutes or so with a production line approach.

Anyway, I painted the skin in Foundry Flesh Shade, followed by Foundry Flesh and a wash of GW Gryphon Sepia Ink. Next, I painted the boots and metal bits in GW Black. This was then highlighted with a drybrush of GW Boltgun Metal on the metal parts of the firerams. I overdid this a bit so then cleaned it up with a wash of 50:50 GW Black and GW Black Ink.

Finally, in an attempt to add some details, I painted the regimental patch in GW Blood Red and the Divisional Patch in Foundry Sky Blue Shade and GW Macharius Solar Orange (who thinks up these stoopid names). After that I sprayed the end result with my newly aquired Army Painter Matt Varnish.

The bases need texturing, painting and flocking but that can wait until the other figures have been painted. Next, I'm going to tackle the three Rifle Companies in one go, leaving the HQ and Support Company to later on, perhaps with the tanks and transport in between to add a bit of variety.

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  1. Quite intrigued by the basecoat - dip - details - light dip approach.

    Looks good but might be worth doing a test piece just doing a final dip as a comparison?