Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Pike and Shotte Pressies

It was birthday yesterday, although overshadowed by the far more important celebrations for Nbuto Independence Day, so I was fortunate to receive a couple of presents from the kids (with Mum's help) to tie in with my latest English Civil War related pursuits.

The youngest bought me a Petard Assault Team set, which should make things interesting for the unfortunate besieged and for the gullible bumpkins carrying the infernal device, no doubt. A spot on present! The middle sprog bought me a scary looking mortar and crew, which fits in nicely with the petard wielding loonies. Again, a very acceptable gift.

Finally, the eldest bought me a boxed set of TYW Swedish Infantry, a choice which reflects my wife's grasp of history in general and my son's general lack of interest in anything that you can't plug in and play. I'm a history teacher too....the shame!

However, it's actually an inspired choice, as the sprues are identical to the normal ECW infantry sets and the box includes forty or so morions that can fit out my pike blocks very well indeed. A very useful box of goodies that will be put to good effect.

There's another present that has yet to turn up but the wife assures me that I'll like it, so that's something else to look forward to.


  1. Happy birtday mate,
    very cool presents. Beats the hell out of the stuff I normal get. The wife claims I have enough toys so likes to buy pratical things like t-shirts and slippers. I'd much rather have a box of plastic or metal though.

  2. Cheers Jon,

    The secret is to drop very unsubtle hints at opportune moments, then promise to paint the dining room with an unrealistic yet convincing degree of enthusiasm.

    I've found that if you dangle your wish list in front of the sprogs, they usually transmit your inner thoughts to the Ministry of the Interior directly, avoiding the need to commit to the DIY.

    Try it and see if it works.