Friday, 7 January 2011

Pike and Shotte Arrivals

I was very pleased to get my Warlord Games Pike and Shotte Starter Battalia self inflicted Xmas present through the post today, together with a couple of extra boxed sets of infantry and cavalry. I'm rather impressed by the quality of the sculpting and the potential that each box set offers for building a really decent sized army.

I'm definately going to make this my 28mm project for 2011 as I'm really enthused by the possibilties that this range opens up for skirmish and small scale actions. I'm particularly keen to build some forces for the Cornish campaigns of 1643 and 1644, which have both a small scale skirmish level focus and the potential for some larger scale battles as well.

I've dug out and dusted off my copies of 1644 and WECW to read through and give me some direction in terms of basing, number of figures per unit and army composition. I'm not sure what I'll settle for yet but there's plenty to be going on with in the mean time. I'm also going to start some background reading once i've finished the WW2 and Korean War books that I've stockpiled.

Watch this space...

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