Monday, 23 January 2012

AK47 SPAAA [1]

I found this old Roskopf 1/100 scale ZSU57-2 on ebay last week, put in a half serious low bid then ended up winning it. It arrived today so I decided to get it sorted for a quick paint up. I removed the bendy gun barrels, drilled new locating holes and replaced the barrels with some brass rod, adding the original flash suppressors to the ends.

I then added some Peter Pig hardened militia crew after having chopped them down a bit to fit into the turret. I thought about swapping the hull for an old T34 chassis that I had in the spares box but it looked a bit silly, so I kept the slightly underscale plastic one instead, which I think looks quite good as it is. I based the model then gave the whole lot an undercoat of Halfords Matt Black.

I'm not sure how it will work in AK47 terms but I reckon it'll look pretty good once it's painted up.

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