Monday, 30 January 2012

The BIG project...ooh er!

The new 15mm birthday present inspired WW2 project has finally landed on the doorstep. As if you hadn't worked it out already, this will be the later stages of the campaign in Burma, with a particular focus on the Arakan in late 1944 to early 1945. This is something I've been thinking about for a good twenty five years so it's not exactly 'spur of the moment' but, nonetheless, a bit out of the blue.

I'm going to use IABSM3 as the ruleset of choice because it's ideal for the size of game I'm after and because I'm a big fan of the TFL approach to the 'fog of war', especially the use of blinds to add much needed randomness and unpredictability. The latest edition of the rules covers everything I require for platoon to company level action and is very well put together, not to mention the great back up from the regular specials and supplements.

The figures are by the equally splendid Peter Pig and are based around a PBI 14th Army battle pack with some added extras. I have some QRF M3 Lee tanks on the way and a second installment of Peter Pig Japanese troops in the post to complete both sides in the set up. I even have a 1/100th scale diecast Hurribomber as air support and some rather splendid Peter Pig resin jungle huts, so all the angles are covered alongside my double purpose homemade terrain.

The plan is to tackle the whole thing over the coming year, in the same slow burn strategy that I adopted for the AK47 army. The first stage will begin in a few months, once I've completed both the 10mm BKC Italians and the 28mm Darkest Africa Nkonde, with the Easter and Summer holidays set aside for basing up. I'm really looking forward to this, both as an opportunity to improve my painting technique and as a venture into solo gaming, at least to start with.



  1. Ursula Graham Bower and her Naga headhunter guerillas are worth investigating for the project. The link to my blog article provides several hundred period photos of the geography of the area around Kohmina... Bought some Warold Chindits to 'do this' one day...