Friday, 6 January 2012

Rapid Fire! Redux

I've had a change of mind over the last couple of days and have been thinking about finishing off my Rapid Fire! 20mm Late War British Rifle Battalion, the 5th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. This may seem to be overly virtuous on my part but it makes a lot of sense.

The force is about 80% complete as it stands and thus only requires about twenty figures and half a dozen vehicles to be painted up. I can add a couple of new assets to the force to beef it up a bit but I don't need to, so I can keep things manageable given my limited time for painting.

I can scale the force up and down to use with other rules if I want to including Kampfgruppe Normandy and  the new edition of IABSM, the latter of which I have on the birthday present wishlist. Finally, I have an opponent with a fully complete German Kampfgruppe to put them up against, although we'll have to wait until after half term for me to get myself sorted.

I'm feeling quite enthusiastic about a return to Rapid Fire!, having lost my cutting edge a few months ago when it started to drag a bit. I'm not completely decided yet, as I also want to work on preparing the rest of the 28mm Nkonde units for In the Heart of Africa and also have the PITS / Men of Company B 15mm option to consider


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  1. A nice unit you have there. 20mm is the 'only' size for WW2 as far as I'm concerned.