Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Back of Beyond Campaign Turn 4

The Turn Four clash between my Texan oil prospecting expedition and David's Indian Army flying column went a bit pear shaped tonight, mainly due to my totally inept tactical manoevering and lack of a decent plan. Although things started well they soon went downhill and the end of the game saw the obliteration of my White Russian mercenaries and the rout of what was left of the Texans. It was a good game, nonetheless, with lots of dodgy dice rolling, some funny moments and more than a few hair raising incidents.

I'm beginning to think the expedition is doomed to failure, as it hasn't got the numbers to take on the larger armies but, equally, has insufficient durability when faced by smaller, well-equipped forces. It's fun to juggle things around to see what works though. The erstwhile chocolate teapot trucks did stirling work tonight, for example, by acting as bullet magnets and very convenient barricades. However, I'm now at the bottom of the league results wise so need to pick up my act if I'm going to avoid a humiliating last place.

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